Master Plan

Nothing can be more exciting than a church that is thriving, but…

What buildings, landscape and outdoor spaces will St. Mary Magdalene need to propel forward the parish’s mission? 
How can the campus provide: 
• rich encounters with Jesus Christ, both communally and one-on-one with God;
• places to interact in loving communion with the St. Mary Magdalene family;
• ways to reach out and welcome the community and parishioners into union with Jesus Christ; and
• a testament of our stewardship to this parish, this community and the souls of our parishioners?

What are we doing about this?

Presenting Our Master Plan



How will all this be accomplished? What is the cost? How long will it take to get there? ...



Details for our Master Plan
can be found in the
Master Plan Final Report

Comments or questions?
Questions can be directed to Ed Walsh, Chair of LRPC via e-mail or by communicating directly with any of the members of the LRPC.



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