Faith Community Nursing

Contact: Mary Beth Culross, RN, PhD, FCN –  - 864-288-4884 ext. 267

The St. Mary Magdalene Parish Nursing Ministry (Faith Community Nursing) offers a loving presence and healthcare connection for parishioners throughout the life cycle.  Professional knowledge and intentional care of the spirit are available to all through:

  • Visiting, Prayer
  • Health Promotion of body/mind/spirit: new life through death
  • Education, Individual and Group
  • Assessment, referral
  • Resources/referral
  • Counsel
  • Advocacy
  • Presence/support of Parishioners in the joys/suffering associated with health-related life events
  • Protection, promotion and optimization of health/abilities
  • Prevention of illness and injury
  • Alleviation of suffering within the context of our Catholic values, beliefs and practices

How the Parish Nursing Ministry serve St. Mary Magdalene:
  • Publish healthcare information in the Bulletin and St. Mary Magdalene Parish Nurse website
  • B/P ClinicsOne-on-one consultation with the Parish Nurse/healthcare provider by parish phone (ext. 267)
  • Personal consultation available once a week in a Parish office
  • Prayer with individuals and families in office, homes, and/or health-care facilities;
  • Offer health related educational programs throughout the year
  • Collaborate with other Ministries on health-related issues
  • Referral to other Ministries
  • Potentially a yearly health fair
  • Promote and facilitate the participation of health care providers within the Parish who desire to utilize their many gifts in promoting and maintaining health goals of parishioners

The Faith Community Nurse Professional is a recognized specialist within the American Nurses Association, is guided by professional ethical standards, and is knowledgeable in two primary areas: professional nursing and spiritual care.


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