Foster Care & Adoptions

There are currently over 5000 children in the care of South Carolina DSS. 
Approximately 2000 are in need of a permanent home. We have found that we have a wealth of experience within our parish to assist those that are interested in helping to provide homes for children in need so they can have the love and permanency that all deserve. 

Our mission: Build a support group that can assist families and make it convenient to obtain information and details on foster care/adoptions through a web site and personal contacts within St. Mary Magdalene, and to promote the awareness of the need for foster/adoptive parents within our parish. 

Foster Care is a temporary caring for children ages infant to 21 that have come into the Department of Social Services (DSS) system. They will need to be cared for until their original home becomes suitable or they are freed for adoption through termination of parental rights (TPR) and a plan for permanency has been decided. Opportunities can be short (respite care) or long term. 
For a personal contact from St. Mary Magdalene Parish please call: Tom or Marcia McNamee 864-675-0580 or

For a personal contact from St. Mary Magdalene Parish please call: Emily or Sam Draper at 864-627-9137  See their story attached here   

Youth Advocacy Program (YAP) handles all foster parent inquiries for DSS.
Contact Betsy Manning at, by phone at 864-312-6700 or 864-297-6417.

Adoption is a permanent home and family for children for the rest of their lives. There 
are several ways to adopt children: Private US adoption. 
For a personal contact from St. Mary Magdalene parish please call: Jim or Elizabeth Driscoll at 864-201-8393 or send email to See their story attached here 

Adoption agencies, attorneys, and social workers usually work with expectant mothers to match them with an adoptive family. 

Some contacts are
June Bond, Adoption Advocacy
Katie England (parishioner), Domestic Program Coordinator for Nightlight Christian Adoptions, works with birth mothers and adoptive families throughout the adoption process. or 864-268-0570.
James Fletcher Thompson (Jim), adoption attorney in Spartanburg. 
Nancy Hodges, social worker for Jim (above), will explain/ease the process.
It is recommended that one use attorneys from the academy of adoption attorneys.
Adoption through DSS. 
For a personal contact from St. Mary Magdalene Parish please contact: Emily or Sam Draper at 864-627-9137, they have adopted two children. 
Contact Sharon Cook or Judy Caldwell, Phone: 864-282-4730
International Adoption

For a personal contact from St. Mary Magdalene Parish please contact: Brendan and Andrea Sexton (parishioners) can be reached at 864-254-6376 or
There are several avenues to adopt children outside the US. 
Contact for Professional behavioral help: 
Jane Witowski (parishioner) 864-354-8200 or, Jane works in developmental behaviorial pediatrics at GHS Childrens Hospital and is an adoptive parent and also a parishioner. 
“Guardian Ad Litem” is a volunteer that is court appointed to speak on behalf of the child.

Mission Statement: The SC Guardian ad Litem Program recruits, trains and supervises volunteers who are court¬-appointed to represent and advocate for the best interests of children in family court proceedings involving allegations of abuse or neglect. 


  • 21 years of age
  • complete application
  • 30 hour pre-service training
  • screening interview
  • 3 positive character references
  • no criminal record
  • no history of abuse or neglect of a child
  • sign and agree to abide by the Program’s Volunteer Agreement
  • read and agree to abide by the Program’s Volunteer Guidelines

For information from one of our parishioners please contact Mrs. Mary Riemer (864-292-2060). 

To get started please contact: Patty Dellinger, Circuit Coordinator, 301 University Ridge, Suite 525; Greenville, SC 29601 (864-467-5860) 

To view some of the children currently available for adoption in SC please visit

Additional links for information are: 
FAQs Links: (foster parenting) (domestic adoptions) (International adoptions) (child welfare information) 

Resources for Adoption (adoption book information) (South Carolina adoption information) (printed resources on adoption) 

Parent Support Groups
SC COAC – SC Council on Adoptable Children
Monthly Support Group and Lending Library (803) 256-2622 (children available in SC for adoption) 

ACES- Adoption Coalition for Education and Support
(864) 322-2495

Resources for Foster Care (SC foster parent information) 
Books for children to help understand the adoption process-2 links below.

We are here for you. 

If you have any questions or just need to talk please give us a call. We understand the process (often slow/frustrating) and will help in anyway we can. 

Tom and Marcia Mc Namee 864-675-0580. Foster Parenting or domestic adoptions
Emily and Sam Draper 864-627-9137. Foster Parenting or domestic adoptions
Elizabeth and Jim Driscoll 864-201-8393. Private adoptions. 
Andrea and Brendan Sexton. 864-254-6376. International adoptions.



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