Holy Family Institute

Contact: Mary Jane Madeline at hfi@smmcc.org

What the Institute is:

The Holy Family Institute (HFI) is an exceptional gift for the married and widowed, as well as engaged couples, seriously intending to marry.

HFI is an apostolate branch- aggregated to the Society of St. Paul with Vatican approval. Members are enabled to learn and live the teachings of Jesus Christ, the Way, the Truth and the Life in their daily lives, embrace the model of the Holy Family under the gaze of the Queen of Apostles, and learn the apostolic charism and ways of St. Paul that bring glory to God, peace on earth and service to others. 

What the Institute does for you:

Spiritual formation fulfills a desire to deepen a relationship with God. It improves self-awareness with sincere personal verification or examination of conscience, and assists us to strive for the perfection of charity in the world.  In stages, we cultivate prayer, prudence, and commitment, that becomes a decision of faith by the member.

How to get started:

Send an email to thimbles7@verizon.net (Marie K. Kittelberger) and let her know you would be interested in beginning a correspondence to learn more about HFI.

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