Facility Scheduling Guidelines

St. Mary Magdalene Catholic Church and its facilities will be made available for the Parish, Parishioner and Non-Parishioner activities that are consistent with the mission and values of St. Mary Magdalene Catholic Chuch as listed below:

“St. Mary Magdalene Catholic Church is a diverse parish family called to be one in Christ. We are committed to serve God, with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, demonstrating stewardship as a way of life through our Eucharistic worship, faith formation, parish life and Christian outreach.”

The Parish Facility Calendar covers the Fiscal Year (July1-June1)

Please Note:

  • When the Parish Office is closed for Holy Days of Obligation, holidays, or adverse weather conditions, the facilities will be closed and all meetings cancelled.
  • Business meetings are not to be scheduled on Holy Days of Obligation, or during Holy week.  These times are limited to those related to prayer, reflection on the season, or preparations for liturgies.
  • During Parish Missions, and Vacation Bible School nothing may be scheduled without authorization from the Pastor.
  • EVERYONE in your group is expected to be responsible stewards in regards to cleanliness and tidiness.  With limited custodial staff, we request that you maintain a clean environment and reduce energy consumption by turning off lights and closing doors.  All maintenance concerns should be addressed to maintenance@smmcc.org and all safety concerns should be reported to the Security on duty.

Space scheduling will use the priority guidelines noted below and the size of the group will determine the facility space assigned. NOTE: Refer to Appendix A for facility areas available for use. Generally the size of the group will determine the facility space assigned. Scheduling priorities referenced below indicate a category of groups but is not representative of all groups, functions or activities and such scheduling will be followed with the understanding that open communication and a spirit of flexibility is necessary to produce amicable results. Parish Leaders are encouraged to work with each other to mediate conflicting needs. The Pastor or his designee will reconcile all unresolved conflicts.

  1. St. Mary Magdalene Catholic Church-Liturgical/Sacramental Uses/ Diocesan Meetings and Program Related Events Mass, Communion Services, Penance Services, Baptisms, Weddings, Funerals, etc.
  2.  St. Mary Magdalene Catholic Church Program Areas - Educational and formation, Liturgical Rehearsals, Councils and Committee meetings
  3. St. Mary Magdalene Catholic Church Programs-Social Functions
  4. Other Non-Parish Groups and Business Functions 
    (Non-parish groups are required to complete a Facility Usage Agreement in accordance with Diocesan policy)
  5. Activities from other Parishes
  6. Non-parish Non-profit Group/lndividual(s) - All Activities
    1. Charitable Groups Educational/Cultural Events
    2. Other Fundraising or Social Events
    3. Community Events
  • The Pastor or his designee may approve exceptions to these priorities.
  • Please note that not all rooms are available for all uses in the facility.
  • See the comments in the facilities available for use detailed in  Appendix B.

Calendar - Facility Request

  • To request a meeting room, please complete a Facility Reservation form.
  • Use of the portable sound system, audio/ visual equipment, stage, piano, laptops, certain kitchen supplies, keys, etc. should be included in the Facility Reservation Form. These requests are signed out through the parish office.
  • A confirmation of room assignment will be E-Mailed to the individual making the request, please make note of the room assignment, as it can change to accommodate a larger or smaller group as necessary. Use only the room assigned during the time requested, and no "room hopping."

Scheduling Changes or Cancellations

  • If there is a need to change or cancel your scheduled event it is the responsibility of the ministry/organization to notify the Parish Administrative Assistant via e-mail when possible, or call the parish office x211.
  • Rescheduling the event(s) is based on available space at the time of rescheduling.

Required Relocation

On occasion, to relocate or reschedule an event scheduled for the Church, Parish Center to allow for a funeral vigil or Mass.  Out of respect for the bereaved family, our policy is the following:

  • The parish facility will be made available for the duration of all funeral related events (vigil, Mass, reception and any set up and clean up necessary).
  • Any event scheduled in conflict with the above will be required to relocate or reschedule.
  • The Administrative Coordinator will contact a member of the ministry/group if for any reason your meeting is moved to another room in the building.
  • Please note if for any reason your meeting is moved to another room in the church after the weekly calendar is posted, the ministry/ department/ group leader will be contacted and notice of location signs will be posted in the main entrance area bulletin boards.
  • Every effort will be made to offer an alternate location and/or time for the originally scheduled event; however this may not always be possible.
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