Small Groups


Have you asked yourself these questions?

•How can we transmit a living, personal Catholic faith to future generations?
•How can we keep growing in Faith in these times of immense challenge?
•How can we take advantage of this opportunity for the Catholic Church?

SMALL GROUPS is a Ministry where groups of 5 to 10 parishioners get together to share our faith, looking to become Disciples of Jesus Christ. We encourage one another in the sacramental life, through prayer, scripture and fellowship. It is where our big church becomes a small church. 

We challenge ourselves to be authentic about what’s really going on in our lives and building a stronger and deeper relationship with Jesus Christ.

Members of the Small Groups participate in diverse Ministries at St. Mary Magdalene.

Small Group provides a way to grow a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. It is the circle of faith supplying the relationships, which encourage the mission of the Church.   (Go and make disciples” (Mt 28:13). 

Meetings are held on a weekly or bi-weekly basis at member’s homes.

Become a part of Small Groups, a growing movement, at St. Mary Magdalene Catholic Church. We invite you to experience this sense of belonging and to discover what God’s love can do for you.


Personal testimonies:

“Through my participation in the Small Group setting and the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, I have gained the confidence and courage to openly share my religious beliefs with friends and strangers alike. I allow the Holy Spirit to speak through me to spread God's word to inspire others to follow Jesus and to live the Christian life.”

"Being a member of a small group has given me a keen sense of belonging.  Sharing my faith with others is unique; we learn from each other.  Most of all I treasure the friendships.“


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