Stewardship as a Way of Life

What is Stewardship?

Stewardship is the grateful response of a Christian disciple who recognizes and receives God’s gifts and shares these gifts in love of God and service to our family, the parish, the community, the world.

A Christian steward is a caretaker of God’s many gifts. We believe that a Christian, by virtue of Baptism, is a “follower of Christ”, that is, a disciple of Christ.  Discipleship involves much more than taking on the name of Christian or Catholic, though-it begins with an awareness of God’s presence in your life and the recognition that Jesus is knocking on your door, inviting you into relationship with Him. Then, it involves your choice, a conscious decision to accept that invitation and open the door – a conversion of mind and heart. What follows is the act of faith, the reorientation of your thoughts, words, and actions - from self-centered and material motives - to a Christ-centered way of life. A Christian Steward recognizes that God is the origin of life and the source of all they have, gratefully receives and cultivates these gifts, and shares them in justice and love with others.

Stewardship as a Way of Life at St. Mary Magdalene

Stewardship, then, is that act of faith, the expression of discipleship, the way you live your life – according to the teaching and example of Christ. Beyond the personal or the family (the domestic church), the parish becomes the primary extension through which we have the opportunity to live stewardship as “a way of life”. Parochial (parish) stewardship is concerned with both the development and support of personal stewardship and its practice in the community of faithful, which is the Church. For as individual members of the one Body of Christ, we each share in and have a responsibility for the purpose of the Church – which is to continue the mission of Christ in building up the Kingdom of God. Our parish Stewardship efforts are focused on facilitating encounters with Christ (prayer/worship), encouraging and supporting a conversion of mind and heart (hospitality/fellowship), and providing opportunities for putting faith into action (service/evangelization).

What is the Stewardship Council?

The Stewardship Council exists to focus on activities which assist the pastor and staff in the areas of stewardship awareness, education and year-round opportunities for parishioners to live Stewardship as a Way of Life. The ongoing goal of the Council is to invite and engage the St. Mary Magdalene community to this faith response by encouraging a generous, sacrificial and proportional offering of their gifts of Time, Talent and Treasure.

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