K2 Curriculum



Show basic understanding that God made me and loves me
State that I am a child of God
State that God is the Creator of the sun, moon and stars
State that God is the Creator of the trees, plants, and flowers
State that God is the Creator of the animals
Describe God as good and loving
State that God's only son is Jesus
Show basic understanding that God's son, Jesus, loves people, especially children

Christian Living

Show a sense of being loved by parents/guardians, siblings, other family members
Exhibit awareness that rules teach me how to act
State awareness that I can help take care of my environment

Sacred Scripture

Identify the Bible as a very special book that tells us about God
Describe Jesus as God's son
Identify Mary as the Mother of God



Show understanding that God chose to make me a very special person
State that my parents/guardians show their love for God by loving and taking care of me
State that my teacher tells me about God


Recognize the interior of the church as a place to show respect to God
Christian Prayer and Spirituality
Recite simple prayers used in the community (Sign of the Cross, Meal Prayer, Morning Prayer)

Language Arts

Word Attack Skills

Recognize upper case letters (random)
Understand that letters represent sounds

Verbal Language Skills

State first and last names
State age and gender
Converse with others
Answer questions
Say "please" and "thank you"
Follow verbal directions
Sing songs
Use language to communicate wants/ needs/ and ideas

Identification Skills

Identify shapes: square, circle, oval, triangle, rectangle, heart, star, diamond
Identify colors: red, blue, yellow, green, orange, purple, pink, black, white, gray, brown
Identify opposites
Identify like or different items

Writing/Composition Readiness


Color an area completely (no white space)

Math Skills

Numbers and Operations

Count and understand how many is in a set (up to 10)


Recognize, trace, sort, and name 2 dimensional shapes
Sort, classify and order objects by size or color

Motor skills

Fine Motor Skills

String beads
Fold/Tear pieces of paper
Build with blocks
Complete puzzle of 4 or less pieces
Draw a line and a ball shape
Shape clay
Hold writing utensils correctly

Gross Motor Skills

Walk in a straight line
Run smoothly
Jump with both feet off floor
Catch a ball
Participate in group games and activities


Life Science


Human Body

Identify various body parts
Identify body parts used in the five senses

Earth Science

Describe weather conditions
Compare weather to how people dress and activities they might do


Basic Skills

Be aware of different styles of music
Explore ways to make, move to and appreciate music through rhythm instruments,
     creative movements and singing
Begin building a repertoire of songs of worship and secular songs

Music Verbal Skills

State first name "loud and strong" to the group
Follow verbal instructions
Sing songs

Music Listening Skills

Stop and start along with music being played
Develop awareness of musical variations (fast and slow)
Develop awareness of sound dynamics (loud and quiet)

Music Motor Skills

Move to music: dance, skip, march, jump, twist
Use scarves and ribbons in conjunction with music
Play rhythm instruments
Participate in action songs using hand gestures and foot movements

Music Social Skills

Share instruments
Take turns