Member Engagement 25 (ME25)

Our Parish Response

Measuring Spiritual Health

Using the Gallup Member Engagement 25 Survey as a Tool

In May and June, the parish initiated online and in-pew administration of the ME25 survey.  A tool from Gallup that enables parishes to assess its spiritual health in terms of member engagement (12 questions), spiritual commitment (9 questions), and outcomes (4 questions).  The survey also asked 7 demographic questions that helps the Parish have clearer insight into the current makeup of our members in terms of age, gender, income, marital status, frequency of attendance, time at St. Mary Magdalene Catholic Church, and level of education.   

The ME25 “is ultimately designed to help your congregation become spiritually healthy.  Building upon a foundations of an essential belief in Jesus Christ as Savior, Christian spiritual health is an interrelated, mutually influential relationship between one’s engagement in the faith community (belonging) and one’s individual spiritual commitment (believing)."  Gallup, Growing an Engaged Church, Member Engagement Guide

Engagement is different from involvement. Involvement is what you do at your church.

For the individual questions and the GrandMean overall for Enagagement and Spiritual Commitment, Gallup suggests spiritual health resides at the 75th percentile. Currently, St. Mary Magdalene scores right around the 50th percentile.  Detailed results may be found in the full report from Gallup below. 

Another way to measure the movement of engagement in a Parish is through the Member Engagement Index.  Gallup suggests that a ratio of 4:1 between Engaged Members and Actively Disengaged members denotes spiritually health.  You can see below, we are also at the average in terms of the Index.

                                                                     St. Mary Magdalene         Catholic Average

Engaged                                                       30%                                 31%

Not Engaged                                                48%                                 47%

Actively Disengaged                                    22%                                 22%

Our Parish will be intentional about encouraging members to become more engaged as it is vital to increasing spiritual commitment in members in our Parish community.  Four Parish initiatives will be introduced by Parish leaders in the next year and we will retake the ME25 in 18 months to gauge our success.

The 4 Initiatives are based on scores that speak directly to member engagement.  It is easier to move members who scored 4 out 5 into a 5 for a certain question, but is it also important that we monitor the number of members who scored 1 out of 5 for a certain question.  A high level of 1's signifies a need for Parish intervention, planning, and recommunication. 

The 4 Initiatives Are:

1.      Provide Member Expectation of a lifelong disciple at St. Mary Magdalene

2.      Communicate the fruits of generous giving.

3.      Celebrate service; communicate success in mission

4.    Be deliberate about encouraging friendships and being in authentic communion as a Parish family

Thank you for participating in the survey.

We had over 2,200 parishioners participate in the in-pew or online survey, which is over 70% of adults attending Mass. 

We will continue to utilize the results and the Gallup Member Engagement Guide to supplement the current efforts by our strategy teams in creating a new Pastoral Plan and goals/objectives for staff and key ministries.

Reference Materials:
Results ME25:  St. Mary Magdalene Catholic Church
Gallup ME25 Website
Measure, Manage and Maximize Member Engagement using the Gallup ME25

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