Summer Series

Being Catholic in the 21st Century

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August 4
Life Issues and the Dignity of the Human Person

Other Resources:
Capital Punishment, 2017: Selected Findings
JPII Encyclical Evangelium Vitae (Gospel of Life)
USCCB Resources on Human Life and Dignity
SC Abortion Fact Sheet
US Abortion Stats

July 28
Catholicism vs. New Age

Other Resources:
Christian Reflection on "New Age"
Yoga: A Cautionary Tale
Helpful Magisterial Documents (Also, check Sharon Lee Giganti's Youtube testimony)

July 21
Marriage and Family: Living Them Today

July 14
Technology and Faith

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Presentation Notes:
I. What is technology?

  • Combination of idea and human labor.
  • Technology is a tool; it is a means, not an end.
  • Technology is not inherently moral or immoral; the morality of a particular technology depends on:
    1. Purpose and use; and
    2. Effects.
  • Church is not anti-technology; it is against the immoral use of a technology.
  • Scripture shows us good and bad use of technology: Adam’s clothes vs. Tower of Babel.
  • The Church and its members have been responsible for lots of helpful science and technology—e.g. scientific method, university system, perfecting beer, etc.

II.  Examination of smartphones and internet

  • Lots of positives, but some significant negatives.
  • Reflection on the harm that this technology can cause:
    1. Proliferation and availability of pornography;
    2. Replaces human interaction with cyber-relationships based on a false sense of intimacy; and 
    3. Killing silence, causing us to avoid self-reflection and prayer.
  • We should ask ourselves why we are using this technology and whether we are using it as an ends or as a means to something greater.

July 7
The Sex Abuse Scandal

Other Resources:
2018 Child Abuse Prevention Annual Report by USCCB
Some Domestic Statistics
Some School Statistics and more reports on schools across the US
Dallas Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People

June 30
Ecumenism Today: Catholicism in the South

Slideshow presentation is not available

June 23 
Ecumenism Today: Catholicism in the South


Other Resources:
Excerpts from the Catechism of the Catholic Church
Diocese Ecumenical & Interreligious Affairs Handbook
Vatican II Unitatis Redintegratio [Decree on Ecumenism]
Vatican II Nostra Aetate [The Relation of the Church to Non-Christian Religions]           

June 16
Relativism and the Media

Other Resources:
Article on Ascension Press
Catholic Answers
Lichter Rothman Study

June 9
World Religions and the Christian Distinction

Other Resources:
Pew Research (Christians remain world’s largest religious group, but they are declining in Europe)
Religion Facts
Fertility Rate by Country
Book suggestion on the idea of the “Christian Distinction”:  The God of Faith & Reason: Foundations of Christian Theology by Msgr. Robert Sokolowski (Chapters 2,3,4)
Five Major World Religions (Video)

June 2
State of the Church

Other resources:
Church Statistics
Pew Research

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