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  • For the Family:

Family Day and Faith-Filled Mealtimes

A Day to Eat Dinner with Your Children, is an initiative that encourages families to eat together.

To help families in your parish value mealtimes, consider these ideas.

  1. Share Tom McGrath’s Raising Faith-Filled Kids Flyers (in Spanish) with the parents. The free flyers give practical parenting advice, including building the ritual of family dinner time.
  2. Ask fun questions at the dinner table to encourage conversation. Model this behavior by posing a question at your next meeting to break the ice.
  3. Suggest that mealtime prayer might be made more meaningful by letting everyone have a chance at choosing the prayer.
  4. Check out 10 tips for better mealtimes and share the article link in a family newsletter.
  5. Encourage families in their vocation with regular articles in the church bulletin or website about what’s happening in your program and how they can bring the message home.
  • For Parents/children:

Learning about the Catholic faith can be fun. With these resources, Catholic kids will enjoy learning about God’s love for them. This downloadable craft idea helps parents explain themes of our faith to children while spending creative time together.



  • For Parents:

Equip Parents to Embrace Their Child’s Faith Formation


Thank you for all you have done and continue to do to assist your child(ren) in furthering their education during these challenging times. You and your family will remain in our prayers.

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