Parish Office


Pastoral Staff

Fr. Theo Trujillo


Fr. Raynald B. Nacino
Parochial Vicar

Fr. Rhett Williams
Parochial Vicar

Fr. Robert Falabella
Priest in Residence

Deacon Bert Chavez


Deacon Joe Ciavardini

Deacon Ivan Hawk

Deacon Roger Schonewald

Evangelization and Christian Formation

Sarah Chernetz
Director of Music Ministry


Katie Jupena
Catholic Preschool Director

Get to know Katie.

Joe Maggio
Director of Youth Ministries

Get to know Joe.


Cindy Roth
Director of Christian Formation

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Maira Agron
Sacraments Coordinator

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Kristin Johnson
Planning & Programs Coordinator

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Olga Osorio
Ministries and Fellowship Coordinator

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Rosy Gogna
Administrative Assistant for
Christian Formation

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Susana Sherman
Admnistrative Assistant for
Christian Formation

Nancy Chandler
Administrative Assistant for
Christian Formation

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Deacon Bert Chavez
Director of Business Administration


Nubia Baez
Admnistrative Assistant

Deborah Barber
Parish Bookkeeper
Johanna Espindola
Communications Coordinator

Maribel Martinez
Stewardship Coordinator


Kelly Meyer
Data Entry Clerk

Marcy Shorkey
PDS Specialist
Beth Snyder
PDS Specialist

Sonia Varillas
Childcare Coordinator


Michael McGarry
Director of Facilities

Get to know Michael.


Luis Hernandez
Maintenance Technician

James Williams
Maintenance Technician





St. Mary Magdalene Catholic Church
2252 Woodruff Rd.
Simpsonville, SC 29681
864-297-5804 Fax

Office Hours:
Monday - Friday
9 a.m. - 4 p.m.

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