Building & Renovation Committee -

The basic responsibility of the committee is to assist the pastor in all matters pertaining to the design and construction of parish buildings and facilities, additions and renovations. This must be done with thorough understanding and uncompromised support of the mission of the church.

Communications Committee -

The purpose of the communications committee is to improve communications within our parish and to create an awareness of Catholicism in our community. Anyone with a desire to improve communications and to assist in communication projects is welcome to join.

Liturgy Committee -

The Liturgy Committee enhances the living experience of the people of God as they come together for liturgical celebrations, especially in the sacraments. The first document of Vatican Council II was Sacrosanctum Concilium, Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy. It is a blueprint for ongoing renewal. The Liturgy Committee works to apply Sacrosanctum Concilium and other Church teachings to people’s practical day-to-day experience of liturgy.

Long-Range Planning Committee -

The Long-Range Planning Committee (LRPC) established in 2013, is charged with assisting the Pastor in developing a Master Plan which will accommodate the continued growth of the Parish and identify physical facilities required by the Parish. It is the LRPC’s goal that this Master Plan will identify what facilities are needed to provide necessary services in support of the Parish Mission and our Pastoral Plan with a 10-year horizon view. The Master Plan should provide a dynamic vision of the potential for the church’s campus property, including a build-out scenario, new buildings including building replacement, building modification and outdoor spaces to connect and unite the campus.

Learn more about the Long-Range Plan.

Outreach Tithe Committee -

The purpose of this group is to act in a careful manner and be prayerful stewards of the Sunday offertory of our parishioners. The committee will allocate the tithe of our parish prudently, looking for those opportunities that will have the greatest and longest lasting benefit, always in line with the principles of Catholic Social Teaching. Volunteers are needed to help research charity requests and prayerfully decide on how to allocate each month’s tithe. Meetings are held quarterly and correspondence is via email in between.

Is there a charity that has touched you or someone you know? Do you know of a local, smaller charity that helps the poor or distressed in a special way?
You could make a request to the Outreach Tithe Committee to make a donation to that charity by completing a Support my Charity Form.


This committee is dedicated to being the ‘hands of Christ’ in our parish by reaching out to greet new parishioners and to actively engage them in our parish family through the various ministries and activities offered.


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