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Couples for Christ is a united global community of family evangelizers, that sets the world on fire with the fullness of God’s transforming love. We strive towards living in God’s righteousness and holiness. We look to evangelize people through a life of love and service, we shall work for the renewal of families that will serve God and build a generation of Christian Leaders. We aim to pursue Total Christian Liberation through social justice, respect for life, and work with the poor. 

COUPLES FOR CHRIST intends to carry out its work and its mission by focusing on 3 specific objectives:

  • Individual renewal - Husband and wife first need to renew their commitment to God.
  • Family renewal - As couples renew their commitment God, they also renew their commitment to one another and to their Christian family.
  • Church renewal - As individual families are renewed, they form a network of equally committed Christian families not only support one another but also strengthens the Catholic Church of which they are members.

Who can participate?
Any validly married Christian couple can become members of COUPLES FOR CHRIST. CFC is mainly a Catholic lay organization, but it is open for membership to all Christians of other denominations. The couple participants need not have any specific religious and spiritual background to become members.

What are the requirements?
Those who want to become members of COUPLES FOR CHRIST go through a seminar, which is called a CHRISTIAN LIFE PROGRAM (CLP). The CLP commences with an Orientation session then, goes through 12 talks. The talks are usually held in the afternoons or evenings and usually last about 2 ½ hours per session either in a Saturday-Sunday sessions or 3 weekends (Saturdays) schedule.

Is this for couples only?
COUPLES FOR CHRIST has renewal programs that reach out to different members of the family:

  • CFC-KIDS FOR CHRIST – for children of CFC members and non-CFC ages 4-11 years old.
  • CFC-YOUTH FOR CHRIST – for children of CFC and non-CFC members ages 12-21 years old.
  • CFC-SINGLES FOR CHRIST- for single men and women ages 22-40 years old.
  • CFC-HANDMAIDS OF THE LORD –for widows, mature single women, divorced women and single mothers.
  • CFC-SERVANTS OF THE LORD- for widowers, mature single men, divorced men and single fathers.

What are some of the activities?
The engaged couple meets with the facilitating couple for 3-4 follow-up sessions to discuss important topics. The facilitation allows the couple to talk openly about many topics as they continue to build the foundation for their future marriage.)

After finishing the CLP, participants are invited to join COUPLES FOR CHRIST. When they do, they are then assigned in a small group called a HOUSEHOLD. The HOUSEHOLD is composed of 4-6 couples who meet weekly for prayer, worship, sharing the Word of God, discussion and fellowship. This promotes brotherhood, friendship and an environment of support of Christian couples and a means to encourage and hasten spiritual growth. It normally last about 2 ½ hours per meeting and held at the homes of the group members on a rotation basis.

There is a monthly General Assembly, programmed and continuing Catholic Christian teachings, conferences, outreach and mission programs, Family Day, ANCOP GLOBAL WALK, Valentines Party and Christmas Party.

Is there a time commitment needed to be an active member?
Attend weekly prayer meetings, monthly general assembly every 2nd Saturday of the month, formation and teachings, outreach/mission programs, conferences and other fellowship.

Faithfulness to the CFC Covenant of:
Praying every day for at least 15 minutes.
Reading Scriptures every day for at least 15 minutes.
Participating regularly in the worship life of the Catholic Church.
Avoiding sins and wrong doings.
Putting good order into one’s private life.
Dedicating oneself to task of building a strong family for Christ.
Making oneself available for the Lord for service by sharing time, talent and treasure.
Relating in love and loyalty to other families in COUPLES FOR CHRIST.

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