Christmas Book Bundle

A perfect gift for you and for a friend!

This year give a gift that really matters. Buy a Christmas Book Bundle – keep them or gift them!


Four Catholic resources at a terrific price – only $14!

  1.      God: What Every Catholic Should Know by Elizabeth Klein
  2.      Rediscover the Saints: 25 Questions that Will Change Your Life by Matthew Kelly
  3.      A Minute in the Church:  Life in Christ by Gus Lloyd
  4.      The Search by Chris Stefanick (Free accompanying videos on

Pick up last year’s titles as priced below while supplies last:

$5 The Real Story by Sri & Martin
$5 Rediscover Jesus by Matthew Kelly
$3 A Minute in the Church: Apologetics by Gus Lloyd
$3 Rejoice and Be Glad by Pope Francis
$5 Why I Love Being Catholic
$3 What's So Great About Being Catholic by Jason Evert (CD)
$15 Salvation Bible Study (workbook/book) by Dr Michael Barber
$15 No Greater Love Bible Study (workbook/book) by Dr Edward Sri
$10 Lectio Mary Bible Study workbook by Dr Brant Pitre
$10 Lectio Evangelization (Acts) workbook by Dr Mary Healy

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