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Clergy Corner by Fr. Williams

Most of us are familiar with the phrase, “Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” It makes sense to look at human behavior and interactions in the past and develop positive habits and virtues in the present in order to lay the foundations for a better future. Even in our personal lives, we can look back on the days that were… less tame… and learn from that to order our lives better in the future. For example, I always tell the wedding party after the Friday rehearsal to learn from their predecessor — have less fun tonight, and I guarantee you will be able to have more fun tomorrow. 


That being said, since 2002, the Catholic Church has  taken a hard look at its past practices and ways that it formed its local environments for the faithful and has begun to make some drastic changes. The US Dioceses signed on to a Charter, audited every year, where certain stringent measures were taken to build a culture, a safe environment, for our current and future young people. The abuse numbers have reflected that change in culture while the current numbers of other societal institutions continue to struggle. As we move through another episode within our own diocese, we want to provide an opportunity as a parish to not avoid the issue, but to “turn into the wave” and begin to see the crisis of widespread abuse that is in our culture as a whole.  This weekend Bishop Barron’s Letter to a Suffering Church will be distributed at the Masses (1 per family!).  In it, he gives a very honest look at the history of these kinds of immoral acts in the Scriptures and in Church history and then explains that despite the fact that sin remains in a fallen world, there is never a good reason to abandon the Church for the sins of its members, whether it be those who credibly accuse or those who falsely accuse. We will also be sending a couple of short videos from Bishop Barron to parishioners over the next few weeks, and then on Sunday, September 15, at 4:30 p.m. in the Parish Center, I will give a talk and host a discussion on the book and the abuse that is rampant in our society as a whole. 


Hopefully, this will provide a variety of opportunities for the St. Mary Magdalene faithful to engage in the full context of these issues in the history of humanity and in our current society as a whole, and allow us to move forward as a parish family vested in the spiritual armor of Christ.


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