Clergy Corner by Fr. Robert Falabella

It is a historical fact that Catholics contributed to the success of the American Revolution -- and in so doing won the respect and acceptance by George Washington and the revolutionaries of the  thirteen colonies.

Today, according to the Bishops’ Conference, there are approximately 68 million “Catholics” in this country -- a majority of whom voted in past elections (49% Democrat, 29% Republican) -- and have contributed to the successive victories of Presidents Clinton and Obama -- both of whom sanctioned the destruction of innocent American life in the womb, with its justification being the Supreme Court’s God-defiant decision in the Roe versus Wade case in 1973 -- the elements of which were later exposed as being based on a blatant lie. Jesus taught: “Render to Caesar what is Caesar’s; and to God what is God’s.” The fifth commandment of God is translated in the Hebrew and Greek Septuagint as: “Thou shalt not murder.” Unfortunately, for the last forty three years, there has been the murder of over sixty million innocent lives in the womb -- mothers murdering their own children; a country murdering its own citizens -- with the majority of Americans (including many “Catholics”) passively allowing this to take place -- an act that openly defies God Who has revealed Himself as the Source of all life, and the ultimate judge on what constitutes murder. In effect, our American Flag has been drenched with the blood of millions of innocent lives. Can God be pleased with this country, so blessed by Him?

And it is for this reason that, while being a Veteran, I will not avail myself of that precious ritual of Military Honors at my funeral -- GOD and Country -- always in THAT order!! Ben Franklin summed it up succinctly: “For the REPUBLIC to survive in succeeding generations, its people must have virtue and God in their lives;” and James Adams: “This (the Republic) is a system for a moral People; it will work for no other” -- qualities found less and less in American lives today, as demonstrated in a defiance of God and exemplified in such “big government--sanctioned” immoral anomalies: abortion, euthanasia, same sex marriage, transgenderism, and the subservience of Constitutionally-established religious liberty of conscience to Leftist atheistic ideology -- euphemistically termed “political correctness” -- all of which reflects a hubristic scorn of the Natural Law.

Our country is now approaching a Presidential election that will determine whether our Constitutionally-based “Republic,” as created by the Founding Fathers, with its pillars resting on the moral principles founded in the Judaeo-Christian philosophy, will survive or be forever supplanted by the atheistic tyranny of Leftist socialistic ideology, in which THE STATE holds itself the sole source of what constitutes your dignity and rights to whether or not you are to be born, and when you are to die.

Sadly, large numbers of Catholics, being culpably deceived by Leftist atheistic ideology as propagated through the news and entertainment Media, have, in effect, failed themselves and the God they claim to believe in -- especially through the sin of omission -- an example of which is their lack of involving themselves with those Patriotic American legal groups challenging the Leftists’ Judicial Activism of the Courts, whose many legal decisions have been an outright defiance of the actual meaning of the words in the Amendments of the Constitution. Studies in early American History clearly reveal that “The Founders were absolutely opposed to changing the meaning of the words in the Constitution or “updating” it through a subjective reinterpretation of its terms to “fit the times” -- that is, to make it a “living Constitution,” in which the Constitution is amended not through the amendment process, but through changing the definition of words based on ONE’S OWN INDIVIUAL INTERPRETATION,” {in effect} “If words could mean anything, then the Constitution would essentially become meaningless.”(cf. “LIBERTY’S SECRETS” Joshua Charles, Chapter 4, p70; and Founding Father References, pp.284-285)

Historical scholarship reveals that if such interpretive challenges would arise in the future, it would belong to the individual State Governments or the Houses of Congress through the Amendment Process in Article Five of the Constitution to address such questions. Unfortunately, this Amendment Procedure has been disregarded by Congressional and State Legislatures which have thus permitted individual Court Judges to violate the Constitution with impunity -- a tyranny the Founding Fathers foresaw could destroy the essence of the Republic, if not challenged by offering the proper Amendment mode of redress.

Our mission as Catholics has not changed --“to whom much is given, much is to be expected…” and that gem of Liberty -- the American Constitution  -- is today threatened to extinction, if this coming election finds the Socialistic-Leftist Democratic party winning the White-House -- with the vacancies of the Supreme Court then being filled by Judges who usurp the right of States in favor of big government tyranny.

Whether the Constitution remains, or is “fundamentally transformed” into a document that mirrors the socialism of Europe and many countries of our hemisphere, will in great part depend, as observed by the Pew and Gallup Pollsters, on the huge Catholic voting bloc, which embarrassingly in past elections, has enabled such defiance of God to flourish sadly through the auspices of the Catholic Vote -- as exemplified in the Liberal and Leftist victories of Mr. Clinton and Mr. Obama.

Many of our Catholics have failed their faith and their country -- being Lemming-like -- by accommodating those who, in actuality, are attacking with impunity our religious beliefs as well as our early American History. The time has come for what remains, of a believing America in general and Catholics in particular, to fall on their knees and pray for forgiveness and the grace of true contrition for such sins of omission. Let us further pray earnestly for our fellow Catholics that they will finally have the courage to show themselves to be authentic Christians and true Patriots, by voting to preserve our history as well as striving to protect the integrity of our Constitution from “all its Leftists and Socialistic enemies, within and without.”

Authentic Catholics were there at that critical time in the founding of our Nation; and it will be the authentic Catholic bloc of millions of voters who can save the Republic, against the threat of those Socialists and pseudo-Catholics who would contribute to the extinction of our REPUBLIC in this critical Election, as well as making a mockery of the sufferings and sacrifices of those men and women who have preserved it for us. (And remember, a no vote, for whatever reason, will most likely contribute to the end of the Republic). “If God is with us, who can be against us?” If, on the other hand, we are not with God, then with whom are we? And will we be comfortable living with such an association when standing before God in judgment?


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