The Heart of the Matter

Clergy Corner by Fr. Ray

One day, I was watching the National Geographic channel. The title of the show was “Fight Science.” It was about the mysteries of martial arts and the search for the ultimate weapon in  combat. In the show, scientists wanted to verify whether the legends about ninjas and martial arts experts were true. They wanted to find out if these people could really do seemingly  superhuman acts such as leaping from one high pole to another, breaking blocks and spinning as spear so fast that it actually forms a shield around the warrior.


I sat amazed as I watched that show. It was unbelievable. These warriors were exhibiting strength that surpassed even that of the strongest muscleman. They were, quite literally, superhuman. The scientists naturally wanted to know what enables these warriors to perform such feats. How did that happen? Was it training, discipline, and lots and lots of pain?


What I found admirable, however, was not the strength, agility or accuracy of the warriors. What I marveled at was their control; their discipline. After all these, the scientists concluded that there was more to these martial artists than their skills and the physical abilities. The ultimate weapon was not any of these that they wielded, it was not even their highly trained minds and bodies. “As every true fighter knows, the most important weapon is the heart of the warrior.”


We too are warriors, warriors for the Lord, and in our daily lives, we struggle. We bear our crosses. We try to discipline ourselves as we learn how to walk the Christian walk. We endeavor to strengthen our spiritual bones and muscles, we practice our faith, we try to please the Father the best way we know how. Sometimes we fall,  but as we continue our training, He empowers and changes us, and makes us truly superhuman.


In the end, the heart of the matter is really a matter of the heart. If we have the right heart, He will be faithful to transform us into more than what we ever imagined we could be.


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