The Ongoing Chaos of Subjectivism

Clergy Corner by Fr. Robert Falabella for August 16, 2015

Clergy Corner by Fr. Robert Falabella for August 16, 2015


The etiology of the moral breakdown taking place in our country had its beginnings when our Supreme Court, forty-two years ago, declared procuring an abortion the law of the land. As a result, the moral fabric of the soul of the American People has been degenerating ever since. Our country is drenched with the innocent blood of over fifty million aborted American citizens. It is no wonder that bad decision after bad decision has been made by our government up to the present Iranian  debacle and our open borders, from which there is now uncertainty as to the safety of American lives in this country.

Adding to our woes are the deleterious effects of the murder of innocent life in the womb which, for so many years, has hardened the sensibilities of most of the American people, with the effect that the decision of those five lawyers on the Supreme Court to make the term “marriage” now be redefined as “a love union of the partners.” The importance and dignity of the child, then, was long lost in the legality of abortion -- thus children could be dumped literally into the garbage can, if unwanted. (As we now know parts of the babies’ bodily organs are being harvested for profit by Planned Parenthood.) With this immoral perversion pervading for almost half a century, it is no wonder that “marriage” would no longer be considered as being identified with children, but now its essence is simply the ‘love union’ of the partners -- from which comes the basis for that social decision of those five lawyers.

What then we are experiencing here is not the        advancement of civilization, in which mankind is supposedly more and more evolving itself from now archaic moral ideas, but simply the renewal of an “old heresy” of the mind -- “the self- idolatry of     Subjectivism” -- as set forth by the 17th Century      Philosopher, Rene Descartes’ “Cogito, ergo Sum.” -- “I think, therefore I am.” According to this dictum, “I” determine reality -- I create “reality.” From this flight from reality emerges the marijuana of fantasy -- in which we are presently deluged with the idolization of absurdity, as exemplified not only in the “hubris” of five unelected Supreme Court lawyers, who exchanged the historic reality of thousands of years of acceptance of the natural complimentary union of man and woman as the definition of marriage, but now includes a     homosexual as well as a heterosexual physical union. Imagine if that had been the reality of thousands of years ago -- would there have been the existence of the human race of today?

And, unfortunately, we see this “absurdity of subjectivism” now including not only the aberration of so called same sex marriage, but also, such mental aberrations as trans-sexualism and trans-genderism -- all of which share the workings of “one’s mind determining reality” -- and the bitter fruit that issues forth from this godless religion of “subjectivism” -- “Cogito, ergo Sum.” -- “I think, therefore I am;” thus I determine reality!!

For example, if now I think myself to be a female -- irrespective of the physical biological fact of my maleness -- then considering myself a ‘female,’ I can enter, as in California, the female dressing room; or considering myself a ‘male’ (when actually being biologically a female), I can enter the male dressing room.

And since this is the “gospel of subjectivism,” in the future, how will society and law deal with someone who decides that at this time he or she thinks themselves to be a lion, and as such, at that moment is not a ‘person,’ but an ‘animal’ governed by its animal nature and so stalks and kills another human being who they consider to be a defenseless lamb. You say this is absolutely absurd! And you are right! It is absurd, but this is the logical conclusion that one must arrive at, to be consistent in claiming we are what we think. What future horror or chaos awaits the human race with this “self-deification of subjectivism”?

With such absurdity today forced upon us believing Christians, who are “authentic realists,” there would be nothing to look forward to, if this world, in which we find ourselves, had the “tomb” to be our final destiny; but when Christ rose from the tomb with a glorified risen Body, God revealed to us that the tomb, which signifies the transitoriness of this world, is not our destiny but rather before all of us is the responsibility of accepting the God revealed mystery of “eternity” -- in which we are forever either with God or separated from God -- with union with God being understood as representing the state of “heaven”; and separation from God being understood as representing the state of “hell.” This understanding is not the fruit of our subjectivism. Recall in Scripture when God was asked His Name, He did not say: “I think; therefore I am,” but rather “I am who am” (Exodus 3:14). Only in God is found eternal “Reality.”

Before us then is an eternal reality which we will have to reckon with -- whether we like it or not. Recall we had nothing to say about our finding ourselves in “time.”  Whether we liked it or not, here we are -- we had nothing to say about it. But God does give us something to say as to how we will find ourselves in eternity. And this will depend as to where we find ourselves in that scriptural passage of John 3:16: “God so loved the world that he gave us his only son; so that everyone who believes in him might not perish, but might have eternal life.” It’s all a matter of whom we will believe: Jesus Christ or other than Jesus Christ -- and we will have to live with that decision for all eternity!

Ever in the love of Christ,

Father Robert



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